Spiritual Formation

Christian spiritual formation is an ongoing process in which we grow into Christ’s likeness. To grow spiritually we need to go beyond programs that emphasize information about God to programs that form our hearts and care for our souls. A ministry focusing on Spiritual Formation and soul care will not be loud, 'splashy,' or concerned about how many people fill the chairs of a classroom...it will be quieter, gentler, embracing God's presence and creation, and concerned more with what fills people's hearts.

At Bridge to Grace, we want to support each other in growing into Christ’s likeness and experiencing an intimate and growing relationship with Jesus.  We provide the setting, facilitators and opportunities to engage in bible studies, small groups, retreats and individual spiritual direction. 

We will help each person discover their unique personal path and rhythm that will create a deepening intimacy with Christ.  By experimenting and working through some of these practices, we hope you will make some of these practices a part of the rhythm of the care and formation of your soul…with the outcome being the abundant life Christ came to give.