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Sunday, April 5, 2020



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Jesus paid it all
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April 10th
Good Friday Service

April 12th
Easter Celebration: 10:00 am


Words of Encouragement
Pastor Dave Bonselaar

Pastor Dave Bonselaar

Thursday's Evening Prayers

03/16/2020 (Monday):
"An Encouraging Word":
3/19/2020: Psalm 91

3/26/2020: Psalm 46
04/02/2020: Psalm 46 (continued)

Weekly Sunday Messages:

3/15/2020 (Shari Freeman)
"Blind As Mud":

"Mary, Martha & Lazarus NEED Jesus":



Pastor Dave's Blog


In the past, on the rare occasion, I heard someone use the term “Pietist” the image that immediately came to mind was that of a man in the 1600’s, dressed in black pants, black boots, white shirt, buttoned to the top, and a black jacket.  If you could see his face, you’ll notice a pained […]

Snails, slugs and worms!

When taking Kayla to preschool in California, we would usually have to dance around the snails, slugs and worms moving around the sidewalks around the church.  The snails were the most intriguing, the slugs and worms it would be a toss-up as to which she tried most to steer clear from.  We would from time […]