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Welcome to  Bridge to Grace Covenant Church!

We are a church whose desire it is to “Grow together into Christ-likeness.”
Friendships and relationships are important to us.
You will notice that our ministry is designed
to build and enhance relationships.

We believe in loving our neighbors. And by neighbors, we mean everyone.
We love to worship in authentic ways and appreciate the diverse faith backgrounds
that make up our community. While you will not find that we agree on all things,
you will find we strive to respect each other.
We are a unified congregation and

strive to live that power of the resurrection in our community for God’s glory and our neighbors good.

We hope you’ll take time to experience worship and life with Bridge to Grace Covenant Church. We hope you’ll feel a part of us
as we together love our neighbors.

Grace and Peace,
Dave Bonselaar, Pastor


Friendship makes life better. Friendship is not something often associated with Jesus. It was Jesus’ “Philos” that drew people to him and it was his “Philos” that would bring life change.    The purpose of this retreat is to lead people to growth with God and others through a deeper relational encounter of God. Participants can expect a fresh understanding of “Friendship with God” as well as ways to develop a personal practice to grow in that friendship.

Thursday, March 17th:
7:00 - 9:00 pm

Friday, March 18th:
7:00 - 9:00 pm

Saturday, March 19th:
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Cost is $30.00 (includes lunch on Saturday and retreat supplies.)

This retreat is a perfect retreat for outreach. Please be praying for those in your life who might be struggling or wondering about a relationship with God. If you participated in this retreat last year, you're welcome to participate again, and bring a family member or friend.

Pastor Dave's Blog


In the past, on the rare occasion, I heard someone use the term “Pietist” the image that immediately came to mind was that of a man in the 1600’s, dressed in black pants, black boots, white shirt, buttoned to the top, and a black jacket.  If you could see his face, you’ll notice a pained […]

Snails, slugs and worms!

When taking Kayla to preschool in California, we would usually have to dance around the snails, slugs and worms moving around the sidewalks around the church.  The snails were the most intriguing, the slugs and worms it would be a toss-up as to which she tried most to steer clear from.  We would from time […]